Allergy program

After years of suffering from seasonal juniper pollen allergies, we finally had our first spring with NO ALLERGIES!!!  It was miraculous and we give God the glory!  Starting the program in February (before the heart of the season) could have been an added blessing, as we noticed NO SYMPTOMS at all through the entire season.  This year, we were behind the 8 ball and had to reboot, tweak and rebuild the digestive tract.  

Remember, each piece of this program is important for helping each of the body's functions, so don't skimp on an area.

Here's the general program:

1) CLEANSE THE GUT WITH THE 3-DAY DETOXThis was the #1 thing that affected the allergies (and we had never done this before).  The NeoLife 3-Day Detox program cleanses the gut and lymphatic system.  When supported nutritionally, the body really cleans out and perhaps "resets" some things, too.
The detox program also includes the NeoLife TEA, which is just what the body needs to stay energized (and it freed …

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