NeoLife 3-Day Detox

The NeoLife 3 -Day Detox

Have you felt sluggish and tired??
Have digestive issues, heartburn?? 
Irritable Bowels?  Leaky Gut? Food Intolerances?
Not sure you're absorbing nutrients properly?

You may be due for a detox!

It's like an oil change for the body, to help things work properly again.

Not only will you be helping to cleanse the gut and digestive tract, but after the cleanse, it's important to replenish the gut's flora so that it is protected and functioning well.

The 3-day Detox will also be helping cleanse the lymphatic system, which includes your sinuses, spleen, sweat glands, and lymph nodes.  These organs are responsible for helping get rid of toxins and process junk out of the body.  When they are backed up, the whole body gets sluggish.

Cleanse easily in 3 days!

Day 1 ... CLEANSE
Day 2 ... CLEANSE some more!
Day 3 ... Cleanse, Add lean protein back and RESTORE gut flora
Days 4-7 ... keep restoring gut flora

WHY does it work?  

STEP #1 -- The 3-Day Detox uses special nutrients developed by Dr. Arthur Furst - the leading toxocologist in the world of his time) to help the body release toxins and get them into the GUT.   This "getting it to the gut" is a crucial piece of the detox process and is often overlooked in many other cleansing programs.  These specific nutrients are found in NeoLife's BetaGard (see below).

STEP #2 --NeoLife's Garlic Allium Complex is designed to help KILL bacteria AND virus' in the body as well.  Garlic is often called "Nature's Antibiotic" and it's benefits are amazing. This entire spectrum of the Allium family helps to work with the garlic in taking care of these pesky toxins. Again, the BetaGard helps to get these "killed toxins" into the gut.

STEP #3 --Then, the gentle herbs in NeoLife's NeoLax help the body's cells to "release" and flush the toxins OUT of the gut.  Again ... this is such an important piece to the cleansing process, as you would hate to have these toxins trapped in the gut.

STEP #4 --Lastly, replenishing the FLORA in the gut is equally as important.  NeoLife's Acidopilus Plus not only has billions of the strands of good bacteria and probiotics that you need, but it is also designed to get to EACH part of the intestines!  That means that the entire intestinal tract can be protected and ready to do it's part again.

Is this a fast?  No, it is not a fast.  You eat and drink plenty throughout the entire cleanse.
What can I eat while on the cleanse?  Raw or steamed Fruits and Vegetables!  As much as you like.
Can I have any fats?  Yes, olive oil, avocado and coconut oil are allowed in minimal amounts.

How much does it cost??  Instead of a high-priced cleanse, this detox is easy AND affordable.  At just $35.99, you get:

  • a 3-day supply of all of the supplements below in a convenient 3-day kit.
  • 1 NeoLife Protein shake and 1 NeoLife Protein bar for Day 3
  • 2 NeoLife Tea - for energy throughout the cleanse
  • Educational information on all products included
  • Access to FB Detox page that's full of recipes and ideas
  • Detailed Detox pamphlet with instructions and guidelines