Healthy Weight Loss Story -

Healthy Weight Loss Testimony

Today I'm excited to share a story about my new friend, Shandell, from Washington!  She's lost over 73 pounds so far and I'm so proud of her!  What a gift she is giving herself and her family for the rest of her life.

Here's Shandell's story:
A Snowball of events and lack of self love, confidence and respect, transformed me slowly into a person I didn't know or want to be. Over the last 10 years, I fell into a deep depression and gained over 100 pounds... I tried all the "fast" ways to lose weight, I would always lose 10, gain 20, lose 10, gain 20.... Before I knew it i was 278 pounds! I had skin issues all my life with eczema, I had horrible arthritis in my knees, back pain, leg pain, stomach pain. I thought that's just how I was and that's how I was going to be forever!  

My 29th birthday 2015, I started a nutritional route to lose weight and I am extremely thankful I did!  I started my NeoLife journey on my 29th birthday, I made myself a promise to put my health first. I was shocked after 2 weeks I lost 10 pounds and was starting to feel something change inside of me. 

It felt different than every product I have ever tried. 

By 2 months I was down 30 pounds! I had to buy new pants! My skin was radiant, acne cleared up, my hair was softer, my arthritis was gone in my knees... I couldn't believe it!!!!  
Now its been 8 months and I'm down 73 pounds, 30'' of my body, 10% body fat, I went from a size 20 pant and 3xl top to size 14 pant and large top! My depression is GONE, I haven't had any eczema break outs, and I'm truly happy everyday!


My program: Weight loss pack and occasionally NeoLife tea for the first 2 months. I walked down my road and back almost every night after work. About 3 miles. 
After 3 months we became promoters and started signing people up and got our 3 for free. So I started to drink the tea everyday after I got my free weightloss pack. After 5 months I started taking extra salmon oil and extra Tré-en-en on top of that and that's what I still do today!

Shandell's story is so inspiring!  Thank you for letting us share your story.
***Update September 2016 ... Shandell has lost over 100 lbs now! See a quick video of her journey here.

Here's the key ...  balancing blood sugars while keeping the body nourished!  So many diet programs want to trick your body with dangerous herbs.  Others want to limit your calories while basically "starving" your body.  Still others will keep you from eating certain food groups ... putting your body in needless compromise.

With NeoLife, you can trust that your body is getting nourished and supported while not plunging you into glycemic cycles.  No more spiking the blood sugar and dropping.  No more avoiding carbs or fats.  No more limiting calories and fighting low energy.

The NeoLife Weight Loss Pack includes 2 simple products that gave Shandell the nutrients and energy she needed to keep with the program and lose the weight.

1) ProVitality Plus - the best multi-vitamin pack on the market. I could do an individual post on each of these ingredients - they're so incredible.  Includes the following:

  • Multi-vitamin - 21 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Tre-en-en - lipids and sterols (aka Omega 6 and 9)
  • Carotenoid Complex - powerful antioxidant protection from fruits and vegetables
  • Salmon Oil Plus - Omega 3 fatty acids
2) NeoLife Protein Shake - This protein is AMAZING!  Check out my post on it here.  The down-low:  it has all 22 amino acids in bioavailable form - from natural, wholesome sources.  Love the taste and versatility of this shake (even great in water!).  Designed to balance blood sugars.  Great for diabetics!  And, full of 35% daily value of vitamins and minerals as well.  A real meal.  

The Weight Loss program is easy and simple.  Take 1 ProVitality Plus pack and 2 shakes every day in place of meals.  Then, eat a sensible dinner.  Add in some exercise to keep the body burning and the metabolism up.  You'll watch the weight go off while noticing other benefits from the nutrition as well.

So, if you're eager to start your weight loss journey, get on board with NeoLife and know that you're going to be taking good care of your body, while losing the extra pounds.  Its easy, and affordable - especially compared to the crazy expensive other diets programs out there.

Join the NeoLife Club and get your Weight Loss Pack today.  Also, you'll have chances to get FREE product each month!  It's easy ... just get 3 friends to buy what you're buying (aka the Weight Loss Pack), and you'll get yours FREE the following month!