NeoLife Supplements

We're huge believers in the awesome nutritional supplements by NeoLife.  We're sure that YOU, too, will see how different NeoLife is and how truly helpful they can be.

They are different from others out there!
They have proven research!
They are formulated by a fantastic group of scientists around the globe.
From a company full of integrity and commitment to health.

Oh wait ... don't a lot of companies claim that??? 

Here's more (that other companies can't claim!):
They've been around for over 50 years!
They use Non-GMO ingredients from farms around the world.
They use ingredients from the human food chain (as opposed to pond scum and pine bark found in others).
They are Beyond Organic!
They use Nature's Blueprint - matching ingredients found in nature together.
They are Whole Food - as opposed to marketing isolates.
They are designed to get INTO the cells ... not just pass through.

They also haven't had any lawsuits.
They haven't been banned in any countries.
They have scientists on staff that are world renown for their research in nutrition (not marketing).
They work closely with Stanford University for product development.
The USDA itself has done studies on their products and determined that the Carotenoid Complex is an immune stimulator, among other things.
They have no warning labels for pregnant mothers or young children - because there's nothing harmful to avoid!

The more you learn, the more you'll find that you'll like!

EDUCATE YOURSELF - That's my motto.  Here's the research my husband and I have done ... so that you may learn, too.  And, be able to share and help others along the way.

NeoLife Supplements:
ProVitality +
Protein - NeoLife Shake
Carotenoid Complex (coming soon)
Salmon Oil Plus - Omega 3

Official NeoLife website - with product information