Allergy program

After years of suffering from seasonal juniper pollen allergies, we finally had our first spring with NO ALLERGIES!!!  It was miraculous and we give God the glory!  Starting the program in February (before the heart of the season) could have been an added blessing, as we noticed NO SYMPTOMS at all through the entire season.  This year, we were behind the 8 ball and had to reboot, tweak and rebuild the digestive tract.  

Remember, each piece of this program is important for helping each of the body's functions, so don't skimp on an area.

Here's the general program:


This was the #1 thing that affected the allergies (and we had never done this before).  The NeoLife 3-Day Detox program cleanses the gut and lymphatic system.  When supported nutritionally, the body really cleans out and perhaps "resets" some things, too.

The detox program also includes the NeoLife TEA, which is just what the body needs to stay energized (and it freed Dwight from his need for coffee).

While we have an entire PAGE that teaches all about the Detox HERE, these are the basic parts to the detox:
1) Eat a fruit and vegetable only diet for 2 days.  Add lean protein to day 3.
2) Take a variety of supplements provided in detox kit that help to remove toxins from the body.
3) Take a gentle herbal laxative to help the body release and get waste out of body.
4) Replenish healthy bacterial flora of the digestive tract with provided probiotics.

Doing this simple, easy detox, helps to really cleanse the gut and remove unwanted toxins.  Not only is the gut helped, but the body's natural processes for eliminating toxins is also cleansed, making it easy for the body to deal with the allergens and get rid of them.

It's incredible!  In fact, Dwight felt so good on the cleanse that he was tempted to just stay on that diet for good!


For many reasons, the gluten content of our breads and grains is overpowering for many systems.  While our family has no problem with handling gluten during the rest of the year, we avoid it during this season.

Gluten is a protein, that needs various minerals and enzymes to be digested properly.  This digestion of protein happens primarily in the acidic upper-digestive tract, including the stomach.  The body has a hard time digesting and processing as much gluten as we throw at it, especially since much of the grains have an higher amount of gluten than ever (up to 60% more in some cases)!  However, especially during allergy season, the system easily gets bogged down with the gluten.

Breads and grains also contribute to an increase in mucous and drives the digestive tract the wrong way, backing it up.

To avoid this nasty cycle, simply remove the gluten!  This may sound daunting, but it was really quite easy.  Just avoid breads and grains.  Read HERE (coming soon!) for several easy tips on how to go gluten free (especially while feeding a family).


Don't forget the basics.  The body needs plenty of good nutrients, and none of the bad.

1: Lots of Water - this can be easily consumed by drinking shakes and teas as well.  Keep a water bottle handy and drink throughout the day.
2: Avoid Sugars, coffee, and processed foods.  You know what's bad, right?  Just steer clear and eat as clean as possible.
3:  ProVitality Pack and Neolife Protein Shakes and NeoLife Tea.  These NeoLife basics are now just a part of life for us.  Not only do they meet the nutritional needs of our bodies, but they support they body's many functions, too.
The ProVitality Pack includes the basic Multi-vitamin, 1 Carotenoid Complex, 1 Tre-en-en, and 1 Salmon Oil Plus.  Take 1-2 per day.
NeoLife Shakes are easy, on-the-go complete meals that work for any time of the day.  Each shake has ALL 22 amino acids, along with a variety of nutrients and is highly digestible.  In fact, it is one of the most easily digestible proteins out there ... even better than the egg.  Mix easily with water.  Drink 1-2 per day. If you plan on using the Detox to jump-start a weight-loss program, taking 2 shakes a day is perfect.
NeoLife Tea supports the body's metabolism and gives steady energy throughout the day.  If you're a caffeine addict, this tea is all you need to quite your addiction without any withdrawals or nasty side-effects.


The health of the digestive tract dictates how well the body can handle allergies.  Things we did that helped the digestive tract are:
1:  Tre-en-en - these essential fatty acids help the body function at the cellular level by providing lipids and sterols to the cell wall lining.  A healthy cell wall lining, means that nutrients can get in, and toxins can get out.  Having cells that can easily get rid of toxins, is key to the body's ability to process the allergens!  1 Tre-en-en capsule is included in the ProVitality Pack, however having additional Tre-en-en on hand is valuable as an extra 1-2 per day should be taken at each meal.

2: Digestive Enzymes - The spark of life that allows for the digestion of each and every nutrient.  Especially proteins!  If these proteins are not digested in the upper digestive tract, they move further along in an unrecognizable state and cause problems when absorbed into the blood stream (aka allergies!).  Enzymes can be found in high concentrations in fruits and vegetables. 
Imagine how many of these enzymes are necessary to digest the abundance of extra proteins during allergy season!  
NeoLife's BetaZyme is a convenient packet including both UPPER and LOWER digestive enzymes.  Take 1 per day with your largest meal.
Note: When we got behind this year (2017), we upped this to 1 per meal ... especially when eating proteins (eggs, meat). This is a very important key.


Rather than suppress the immune system, or block histamine production, or any of the other typical immune suppressants ... we chose to boost and support the immune system as best as possible.

1: Carotenoid Complex (or Phyto Defense) - The #1 Immune Booster on the market is a blend of fruits and vegetables called Carotenoid Complex.  You've heard of Beta-Carotene?  Well, that's just 1 of the 600 known carotenoids. Known as anti-oxidants, these nutrients protect the body from free-radicals and other such toxins.  Take an extra 2 per day.

Or, to really go the extra mile, add 2 extra nutrients to the Carotenoids for total immune protection and support:  Flavenoids and Cruciferous.  The three of these make up the NeoLife PhytoDefense Pack.

2: Cod Liver Oil (or Vitamin A) - if the body has a build-up of mucous, the #1 ingredient known for helping to break down that mucous is Vitamin A.  Without this nutrient, the mucous can build up.  With a build-up, the digestive tract has a hard time digesting and processing nutrients ... and the body just can't get what it needs.  Cod Liver Oil has both (fat-soluble) Vitamin A as well as Vitamin D.  I keep plenty of this on hand for the children, so we just added it to Dwight's program, too.  Take 1-2 per day.

3: Zinc (and Multi-Min) - Certain minerals are known for being extra helpful for the immune system and zinc is one of those.  We added either zinc, by it self, or with other minerals in the Multi-Min formula.  Take 1-2 per day.

The Allergy Program

Get started on you're healthy allergy program today! Here's what to order for the first month or so:

1 Breakfast Pack (includes ProVitality and 2 Shakes) or Weight Loss Pack (includes ProVitality and 4 shakes)
1 NeoLife shaker bottle (for easy shake making)
1 3-Day Detox Kit
1 NeoLife Tea
1 Tre-en-en
1 Beta-Zyme
1 Carotenoid Complex (or Phyto Defense)
1 Cod Liver Oil (or Vitamin A)
1 Chelated Zinc (or Mult-Min)