How to cope with an Autoimmune Disease

What if you could help support your body, and not have to live with the effects and symptoms of autoimmune diseases?

Could it really be possible?

Doctors and health professionals have determined that AutoImmune Diseases are a result of the body's own immune system, turning upon itself and attacking itself.

The conclusion then, would be to SHUT DOWN the immune system, causing it to stop attacking itself.  Avoidance of the "triggers" that cause these attacks is also regularly prescribed.

Unfortunately, there is little known about HOW these diseases develop in the first place, affecting both children and adults.  How does the body turn on itself? What causes "typical normal circumstances" to be "triggers" for the body?

There is still so much unknown ... and frustrating about how this all takes place and how to deal with it.

But could there possibly be something more to coping with autoimmune diseases?

While there does not seem to be any CURE or specific TREATMENT out there, simply supporting the body's natural functions CAN have some positive effects ... and often alleviate many if not all symptoms.

Have you heard of auto-immune diseases 
being put into remission???

We are not doctors.  We are not medically trained or licensed.  We are not claiming to treat or cure any disease.
But we HAVE seen stories and watched transformation.  We've seen hopelessness, turn into victory.  
Our hope is to share with you what others have done, in the hopes that you might be benefited as well.

Daniel's story: Alopecia Areata
Dwight's story: Allergies
Crystal's story:  Chronique Fatigue and Thyroid Issues

Step #1: Support the body's overall functions
This is the basic foundation to give the body.  It includes giving the body the basic, simple nutrients and tools necessary to carry out it's normal processes.  Your body NEEDS a lot and most people are not even getting the minimal nutrients for their bodies ... let alone the optimal!  Your body will simply NOT be able to perform in certain areas, when various nutrients are missing.

Start by ordering the basic program, which includes ProVitality and the NeoLife Shake.  This is called the NeoLife Breakfast Pack.  Your body will be receiving a regular amount of a huge spectrum of nutrients, phyto-nutrients, lipids and sterols, omega 3's and 6's, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, and protein strands ... so that it can REBUILD, RESTORE, and REPAIR. 

NeoLife nutrition is different than most others, so don't think you'll be getting all you need from a different multi or fish oil supplement.  It's not the same.  Read up on why these are different nutrients.

Step#2:  Support the IMMUNE SYSTEM  
While  turning off or shutting down certain processes is a typical route for dealing with auto-immune diseases, we have seen that supporting and even BOOSTING the immune system can help to overcome and alleviate the symptoms.


This is the #1 thing the body seems to need to help with boosting the immune system.  
The PhytoDefense supplement is full of 3 different nutrients:

  • Carotenoid Complex
  • Flavenoid Complex
  • Cruciferous Plus
This packet of nutrients has massive antioxidant protection for both water-based and fat-based cells.  The Carotenoid Complex itself has been proven by the USDA to BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM 30% IN JUST 20 DAYS!  This is a MAJOR statement ... especially coming from the USDA.  There's a ton more research out on this amazing, patented product and you can read more HERE.

When adding this to your diet, take 1-6 packets per day and see how you improve by the end of 1 month.  You will typically see noticeable improvement, but it doesn't happen overnight.  And then, if you stop taking this nutrient, over time, you will notice a decline.

For more additional Immune support, consider adding the following to your routine:

Cod Liver Oil - full of fat-based Vitamin A & D
Vitamin C

Step#3:  Support the digestive Tract

This step is mostly important when dealing with digestive-related auto-immune diseases, as they often start in the digestive tract!  However, as the body's primary source for receiving nutrition IS the digestive tract, it is worth making sure it is behaving optimally.  

1.  Do a DETOX!  It helps to clean the gut of unwanted bacteria, candida, and toxins.  And replenishes the intestines with GOOD flora.
2. Add Acidophilus Plus to your daily regiment to maintain healthy flora.
3. If you have gas, bloating, acid reflux, or other symptoms, add Beta-Zyme (which includes upper and lower digestive enzymes).
4.  If you have ulcers or sensitivities, consider adding the Aloe Vera drink to soothe and heal.

Click below to join the FREE NeoLife Club and order your products.  Single Detox can be ordered HERE.