Nutrition for Fertility

Nutrition for Fertility

So you want to become pregnant and have a BABY!!  What a fun time in life - full of anticipation and delight.  

It can also be a time of feeling completely confused or in the dark about what you should be doing, and how to do things best.  You can scour the internet and find tons of information about what to take, what to do to optimize fertility during ovulation, etc.  The internet is full of suggestions, theories, and 10-step programs.  And who knows what will really work for YOU??

Of course, it's also hard to do everything!  And, it's hard to know whether you're doing the best, or the most important things, or missing the boat entirely.

Let's just say ... it's a journey.  A journey of learning, discovery, and patience.

But, strictly speaking on the area of nutrition, its important to ask yourself throughout this whole process 1 simple thing:

Am I giving my body the BUILDING blocks and tools 
it needs to perform its NATURAL functions at its best?

The whole concept of nutrition is to give your body the BEST of what it NEEDS ... so that it can do what is was made to do!

"We are fearfully and wonderfully made" by our Creator.  Our bodies are so complex and intricately woven together ... it's fascinating!  Scientists discover 1 thing and it opens up a whole new world of questions on "how does that work??" 

Now, we can try to become experts and figure out all the ways our bodies work. We can become google search experts, join multiple forums, or become mommy-blogger enthusiasts. And we can give our bodies a little of this or that to stimulate it in this way or that.

But, the BEST method to knowing that you are caring for your body the BEST, is to GIVE YOUR BODY THE RIGHT TOOLS ... so that IT DOES what it needs to on it's OWN.  Keep reading below to discover these foundational nutrients.

It sounds complex, but it's really quite simple.

-When you're struggling each month to get pregnant ... ask yourself "am I giving my body what it needs?"  If yes, than keep on track and give it more time.
-When you're in the middle of first trimester and throwing up each morning ... ask yourself "am I giving my body what it needs?"  If yes, than just keep on track and you'll make it through.

It's when we start over-analyzing, stressing out, and changing the program up all the time, that the body really has a harder time.  Stress rapidly depletes the body of vitamins and minerals (like Vitamin B's).  Stress also keeps the body from resting and rebuilding well.  So, don't get stressed out.  Just go back to the basics and build from there.  And give your body time to self-heal.

Our story:
My husband and I were married in 2003.  I was 26 and he was 28 and our desire was to have children right off.  He had been a bachelor for several years and didn't have the BEST of healthy eating habits (until he started NeoLife).  I had not grown up with the BEST information either (until learning about NeoLife).  But, we were on a journey of choosing better options each day, with NeoLife as our foundation.  I cannot imagine what life would have been like without having NeoLife as an option.

We chose not to participate in contraception options - especially in pills or hormone treatments (including creams) that would throw my body's natural processes off.  We instead chose to support the body as best we could ... nutritionally, from the cellular level out.

It's been 13 1/2 years later (as I write this in February 2017) ... and we've been blessed with 8 children and another due next month.  WOW!  What a crazy road it has been!!  I've been SO thankful that my body has been supported nutritionally through it all.

NeoLife Nutritional Foundation

The foundation of ANY fertility or pregnancy program should start at the cellular level.  There's not a quick miracle pill that will get you prego instantly. Rather, it's the diligent supporting of the body's natural systems that gives the body the best chances for pregnancy.

This goes for males and females alike.

#1 - Tre-en-en grain concentrate oils.  This is the foundation of cellular nutrition.  It can be purchased separately or in the ProVitality Pack.  

Tre-en-en (latin for 3-in-one) are the grain concentrates, called lipids and sterols, from rice, wheat, and soy (non-GMO soy, of course!).  While being nutrients from these grains, Tre-en-en is entirely GLUTEN FREE.

These lipids and sterols make up 50% of the cell wall lining in EVERY SINGLE CELL IN YOUR BODY (which is between 73 and 100 TRILLION cells!)  These crucial nutrients allow the cells to either perform or become incapable of functioning.  

If you eat a healthy amount of these nutrients, the cell walls remain soft and permeable, allowing nutrients INTO the cells ... which is the basis of nutrition.  A soft and permeable cell wall lining also means that toxins and waste can get OUT of the cells.  This is the other basis of nutrition.

DID YOU KNOW??  Every cell in your body replicates itself regularly?  Right now, cells are replicating in your own body.  Maybe a muscle cell, a bone cell, liver cell ... or probably all 3?  Giving these cells the tools they need to perform their natural function AND replication, is crucial to optimal health.

If you do NOT have these nutrients, the cells walls can become hard and rigid and do not allow proper metabolism of the cell.  This means that the cells might not be able to reproduce properly, causing it to perhaps become dead or cancerous.
Are you getting lipids and sterols??

Since the time of the industrial revolution, these delicate nutrients have often been removed from our diet, for the sake of shelf life.  These oils can go rancid rapidly, and therefore, were removed from the breads and grains so they would last longer on the shelves.  Today even, many of the grains that get to market have already gone rancid (in the silos!).

If you eat a gluten-free diet, you might seriously be lacking in these vital nutrients found in grains.

While everyone's nutritional needs are different, taking 1-3 Tre-en-en capsules each day helps to give the body the support it needs at the cellular level to keep the 73-100 trillion cells in the body functioning and replicating healthily.

Think of all the areas this effects:

Tre-en-en and Fertility:
These essential grain concentrates provide the foundation for fertility in so many ways.  The most obvious, is that when the glands that produce our reproductive hormones are naturally supported and given these oils, they can begin to repair or operate on the optimal levels for conception.

Hormones are such a big part of conception!!  In both male and female, how and when the body releases certain hormones determines the body's ability to conceive.  It is said that the window of conception each month is only a matter of hours - for everything to be working properly.

Giving your body the best chance for conception means making sure all hormones are being produced optimally.  Tre-en-en is a huge part of all this.  It can often take 1-3 months to balance out the glandular system and get it operating optimally.  Or, sometimes longer if there are other issues to work through.

Start on Tre-en-en today by ordering HERE.  You can order this supplement individually AND in the ProVitality Pack.  The best option is to get your ProVitality Pack on Autoship, and add extra Tre-en-en to your order.

This leads right into the next most crucial element of fertility ... PROTEIN (amino acids).  

Every single HORMONE in the body is made from amino acids.  

That means that in order to create a single hormone, the body needs access to various amino acids, so that they can be strung together to form the particular hormone for that purpose.  Amino acid chains are fascinating and complex!  But, imagine if you're missing a certain amino acid???  Then, quite simply, the hormone CANNOT BE MADE.  It's as simple as that.  This makes supplementing with a good quality protein VERY IMPORTANT in making sure the body has ALL the building blocks it needs to create EVERY hormone it uses!

There are 22 amino acids found in nature.  The body combines these amino acids in a myriad of orders and combinations to make the multitudes of hormones we live by each day.

The NeoLife Protein Shakes offer ALL 22 Amino Acids in a readily available, assimible form that the body can use immediately. Giving the body a healthy supply of these amino acids means that you're giving the body exactly what it needs for creating the necessary hormones.

NeoLife Protein Shakes are different from so many others on the market.  This product follows the amazing standards of NeoLife, including non-GMO ingredients, whole food representation, natural sourcing, and more.  Each shake is more like a mini-meal as well, having an additional 25 vitamins and minerals and being glycemically balanced for blood sugar regulation.  It's a wonderful start to the day, or snack at any time.

Add the Protein Shakes to your ProVitality Pack by purchasing the Breakfast Pack instead.  Each Breakfast Pack comes with 2 shakes, which is a 1 month supply (if drinking a shake a day).  Shakes easily mix with water or milk.

Order HERE.

#3 - Minerals
Minerals are just as key to producing hormones as protein.  The glandular system or endocrine system produces many of the body's hormones in the hypothalamus, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, kidneys, and others.  These glands thrive on certain minerals including zinc, chromium, and selenium, to name a few.  The reproductive organs (also part of the endocrine system) also thrive on minerals including zinc (especially in men), calcium and magnesium (especially in women).

Giving your body a healthy access to bioavailable sources of these minerals will be key to their ability to produce hormones easily.

NeoLife has several options for supplementing in these areas including:
ProVitality Pack (which includes a basic multi-vitamin with 21 essential vitamins and minerals)
Multi-Mineral Complex
Chelated Zinc
Chelated Calcium-Magnesium with 1000IU Vit D

Since you should already be taking a ProVitality Pack each day, consider adding additional minerals based on your needs.  For men, taking extra zinc has proven to help the health of the prostate gland immensely.  For a women, adding Cal-Mag is simply a given.  Whether pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or not ... the female's body is always in need of large amount of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D for the reproductive cycles and hormone fluctuations.

Again, you can trust the NeoLife values in that these minerals are designed to be the most absorbable and readily bioavailable to the body.  Typically, minerals are very difficult to absorb, and health experts were recommend even larger doses than necessary, just to ensure that even small amounts are absorbed.  However, with NeoLife, a process called chelation ensures that the minerals are absorbed more easily.

Also, the correct ratios are often necessary for proper absorption.  Calcium and Magnesium are known to absorb in a 2/3 ratio.  And, of course, NeoLife has a 2/3 ratio in their Cal-Mag supplement, along with 1000 units of Vitamin D, which is also known to help with absorption.  Taking 3-6 capsules at night is best.

Add these products to your order HERE.

#4 - Vitamin E
Finally, we would be absolutely remiss in mentioning one of the greatest secrets in fertility:  Vitamin E.  But not just any Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is helpful for the body's processes in many ways, but most importantly in the area of implantation, for women.  Once an egg is fertilized, it then implants into the uterine wall.  This is where Vitamin E is so valuable, as it helps support the placenta and the absorption of nutrients through the uterine wall.  For men, Vitamin E is also known for helping increase sperm health.

All Vitamin E is not the same! Of course, NeoLife's is amazing, but you might not know just HOW amazing!  Here's the top reasons:

1-Made from a non-petroleum source
2-Made from a non-GMO source
3-Includes ALL 8 parts! (did you know there were 8 parts?)
4-Is easily absorbable
5-Is water-miscible
6-Is whole-food

Take 1-4 capsules per day, and continue throughout first trimester.

Add your Vitamin E HERE.

There are always more nutrients you can add to help support the body's processes.  Starting with these gives a good foundation and support.

If you're feel the need to go the extra mile, you might want to both consider doing a simple 3-day Detox as well.  This is a fabulous way to ensure that the body's systems (especially the digestive, glandular and lymphatic systems) are performing optimally before conception.

If you've been taking any contraceptions, this is also a good way to help the body get rid of any build-up, heavy metals, toxins or other contaminants that have been introduced to the body.

Nutrition After Conception

Once pregnant, it is important to keep up this program, or add a few other nutrients including the Stress Pack, Lipotropic Adjunct, and Salmon Oil.  If you are anemic, consider adding the Chelated Iron as well.