Weight Loss

Whether you are seriously needing to lose a lot, or just have a few pounds to lose, the NeoLife weight loss program is the healthy and energy-giving way to go.

It's not a typical "diet" where you limit your calories so your body eats at itself.
It's a way of eating that will help burn fat and sustain your body at the same time.

In the NeoLife Weight Loss program:

You can eat  A  LOT!
You can feel satisfied and full.
You can eat often all day.
You will not be limiting your calories.
You can have enough energy to exercise and enjoy life!

It's really fantastic!  Allowing the body to nourish itself, while balancing the blood sugars also has many other benefits, besides weight loss.  

STEP #1:  If you want to jump-start your weight-loss program, consider doing a DETOX for your body to cleanse the gut and cleanse the lymphatic system.

STEP #2:  Figure out what NOT to do.  Learning how to lose weight the healthy way might mean re-learning a few things.

DON'T STARVE yourself!
DON'T start to DIET!
DON'T SKIP meals ... especially breakfast!
DON'T buy meal substitutes

STEP#3:  Avoid the junk.

Stop eating as much junk as you can, including white sugar, processed foods, sodas.
Stop eating mostly foods that are super high in carbs (like pasta, bread, pastries, cereals)

STEP #4:  Focus thought around blood sugar.
This is the number 1 part of fat-burning that you need to know.  Your body will burn it's own fat stores when the proper balances between fats and sugars (including carbs) are in place in the blood stream.  If you eat too much sugar, too many carbohydrates ... your body's blood sugar will SPIKE!  This spike causes the body to store fat.

If you don't eat enough food, or if you wait too long between meals (or skip them all together!), your blood sugars will DROP ... again ... causing your body to store fat.

The key to healthy weight loss is to support the body's blood sugars by keeping the body in a FAT-BURNING zone.  No spiking and dropping cycles that lead to fat storage.

This is done by eating a high-protein, low-carb way of eating, fueled by NeoLife shakes. These shakes are incredible and you can learn more HERE about what's so special about them.  In a nutshell, the NeoLife shakes have the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs to keep the body fueled and energized, while not spiking your blood sugar.  No more ups and downs from unbalanced meals!

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See these incredible REAL LIFE stories from our friends:

Shandell Thompson - Lost over 100lbs!

Daniel Aguirre - Lost over 60lbs!
 Dena Danziesen - lost 40 lbs

 Stephanie Larson - lost 50 lbs

To START on the NEW YOU, you'll need to join the NeoLife Club and purchase the Weight Loss program.   What is included?

  • A 1 month supply of key nutrients for the body in a convenient daily pak: ProVitality
  • A 1-month supply of protein shakes, assuming you will eat 2 shakes per day
You will also want to add:
  • A shaker bottle - for easily mixing shakes on the go
  • NeoLife shake packets (for taking along throughout your day)
  • A Weight Loss program guide
Start your path to success today!

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