Nutrition during Pregnancy

I'm passionate about nutrition during pregnancy.  While I don't always eat the perfect diet, and I often make compromises along the way (chocolate!), I am so blessed to have NeoLife nutrition at my fingertips so that I know that both myself and the baby are being well taken care of - regardless.  

Nutrition for Fertility - If you're having trouble getting pregnant, or want to be prepared nutritionally before pregnancy, this is the best place to start.

I've been blessed to have 8 healthy, full-term pregnancies - all delivered at home.

What supplements you take during your pregnancy are so important.  Here are several reasons to REALLY consider what you take.  

Many supplements and prenatals out there:

1) are synthetic (which means that 50% is toxic to the body)
2) have GMO ingredients
3) use ingredients that are not from the human food chain.
4) have not been clinically proven or researched.
5) have so-called "natural" ingredients that you really don't want in your body
6) don't really "fill the gap" in our diets.
7) are isolates - only meeting a small nutrient need

EDUCATE YOURSELF!  That's my motto. :-)  The more you learn about NeoLife nutrition, the more confident you'll be about your own health, and you'll be able to help others, too.

Consider these foundation reasons to take NeoLife supplements:

1) Made from BEYOND ORGANIC ingredients.  This company can even trace their ingredients back to the farms they work with across the world.  There are no synthetic ingredients, either.  According to the "Placenta Study", synthetic Vitamin E was found in the elimination tube of the umbilical cord.  The body does not want it!
2) Have NO GMO ingredients.  Never have ... and never will.
3) Use only ingredients from the human food chain. Did you know that some companies will use pond scum and pine bark? Even some forms of fungus?  And they put it in your "supplements!"
4) Have clinical research and tests to back their products (not just the individual ingredients).  There are so many companies out there that tote "studies" about Omega 3 or Carotenoids.  But, how do you know if their products will perform according to the study?  Believe it or not, many of these studies are done on NeoLife supplements!  
5) Have optimum levels of nutrients in each of their products to provide "whole food" supplementation.  If you take an isolate, like flax seed, you're just getting 1 part of a larger group of nutrition.  NeoLife offers the whole spectrum in all areas.

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