Best Omega 3 Supplement: Salmon Oil Plus

Omega 3's are found in many sources in our diet.  Here's a list of foods that have the highest amounts:

  • Fish (including Salmon, anchovies)
  • Avocado
  • Olive Oil
  • Chia Seeds
  • Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Nuts

But, it's also known that we typically do not get enough of these omega's in our diet.  Children, especially, are often quite deficient!  This is unfortunate, since the amount of Omega 3's necessary for development in children is the highest in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first 2 years of a child's life.

The amount required is still high throughout development and adolescence as well.  And in adulthood, Omega 3's are necessary for helping in so many areas including:

  • prevent inflammation, 
  • helping balance the fats in the blood stream (HDL and LDL), 
  • helping the heart function well
  • brain development, 
  • balance of depression-related hormones, 
  • rebuilding of the brains functions, 
  • eye health, 
  • and more!!

Supplementing is a now-normal dietary need for all ages!  But how do you know what to look for when comparing different omega 3 supplements?  Someone please help!  Aren't they all the same?  

Well, actually, NO.

Here's the top questions you should ask to determine what Omega 3 supplement to take.  

If a supplement doesn't disclose these things, you might want to consider if they have something to hide.  As a consumer, it is important to have the answers to these in order to avoid potential toxins and side-effects from inferior products.

1) What Omega 3 parts does the supplement include?
2) Is it pure? 
3) Where is the Omega 3 sourced from?
4) Is it form a natural source or synthetically sourced?
5) Is it organic?
6) Is it GMO?
7) How is the Omega 3 extracted or processed?

Look at the "Fish oil" or "Omega 3" bottles and see what you can determine regarding each of these important factors.  Sometimes it's really hard to know, based on packaging and disclosure.

Here's some information on NeoLife's Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus. It is referred to as THE BEST Omega 3 supplement out there for several reasons:

1)  It has ALL 8 Omega 3's.  Did you know that there are 8 Omega 3 parts?  Most of the products on the market only sell the 2 most common EPA and DHA, which you might have heard of.  But, NeoLife includes ALL 8!

  • Why all 8?  Because in Nature there are 8.  So, in order to give us a "whole food" supplement, all 8 are included.  Plus, research has shown that the body often utilizes the nutrients MORE, when they are found together.
2)  Is it PURE?  Yes!  It is tested for over 200 toxins with an allowance level of ZERO allowed to exist in their product.  Therefore, you can take the recommended amount during pregnancy (or at any other time in life) without being concerned with potential toxins entering your blood-stream.  
  • This is especially important during pregnancy, when you might want to take extra for the developing baby.
  • This is also important for people with arthritis, heart issues, blood pressure issues, etc - when you might want to take a larger dose to help combat the complications of these diseases.  You can do so, knowing that you won't be overdosing on toxic chemicals at the same time!

3)  Is it sourced naturally?  Yes, NeoLife Omega 3 is non-farm raised.  These fresh caught fish are harvested from the cold ocean waters!  There is no need to fear the excess mercury from farm-raised fish in this supplement.

4) Non-synthetic.  The NeoLife standard for excellence in their nutritional supplements means that you will never be getting anything synthetic in your supplement.  Only what is found in nature.  And fresh fish are indeed natural.

5)  Organic?  Yes, these are not farm-raised - but are wild caught.  There's no "certification" for them, so we can refer to them as "beyond organic."

6)  Non-GMO?  Yes.  Nothing man-made in fresh, wild caught fish!

7) Processed?  This is super important!  You might have fresh, wild-caught fish, but then use a chemical to extract the omega 3's.  This chemical is found in many omega 3 supplements, but is often not required to be disclosed!  In fact, there is an optomotrist here in Bend, OR that can tell if you are taking a certain brand of "fish oil" as it leaves a FILM on the eyes!  Can you believe this?

Ahhh!!!  It's so refreshing to find that a supplement like this can truly be what you want it to be - and none of what you don't want it to be.  Thank you NeoLife!

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